Page 66: How's Your Arm?
March 21st, 2017


Theren:  Maiya!  What are you doing here?!  This area isn't safe.

Ryder:  Nowhere on this shit hole is safe.

Theren:  Watch how you speak in front of my sister.

Maiya:  You didn't come for supper, so I brought this for you.

Theren:  Thanks.  I'll eat it later.   

Maiya:  You haven't been by in days. Nana is concerned.  How's your arm?


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Jelly Donuts

Here it is! The first couple pages of the Jelly Donuts short comic. Normally it will release one page a month on Patreon. This month, however, we are doing 4 pages, the first 3 pages  to get us started and page 4 next week for the Bonus Comic Tier.

About Jelly Donuts...

Jelly donuts is a fun short story that takes place "some time" after the current book. I've always thought of it as a pilot/pitch for Darkwynd Chronicles. All the main characters from the comic make an appearance and you get to meet a couple more who haven't made it into the story yet. I think it gives a good idea what to expect from the comic. I hope you like it :)

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