Page 96: Bad Friend
September 19th, 2017


Dyanna:  It's not the same. Kayne doesn't hate her... Who are you kidding Dy. She would charge in to save you without a thought for her own safety. I'm such a bad friend. I don't deserve 'nyx or Keri.  That's it, just keep stalling. Don't tell Kayne they're missing. They'll end up dead and it will be your fault.  My fault...I'll be all alone again...No....No!


Site Issues

Last Friday, we attempted to fix a bug with the image galleries so that the images would display in upload order.  Unfortunately, this had some unexpected repercussions that broke the website pretty badly.  This resulted in the wrong page being released today, and also messed up the archives.  The issue has now been fixed and the correct page for today is now up.  Sorry for the confusion!

Twice a week updates in August

Darkwynd Chronicles will be updating twice a week in August! That's TWO pages a week! New pages on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Gemma at MCM Comic Con

Gemma will be wandering around at the MCM Comic Con in London this weekend, so say hi if you happen to see her.  She'll have some Darkwynd flyers to hand out.

Welcome Aeron!

Our new son Aeron was born on May 1st at 11:19 pm!  Everyone's healthy and doing well.  Gemma also sent us an awesome congrats picture with Onyx, Kerrigan, and Dyanna.

Coming Soon: Baby #2

So baby #2 is due next week.  Will this affect Darkwynd Chronicles?  No, probably not.  In fact, if I hadn't just told you, you probably wouldn't have noticed.  We've been working hard to build a backlog so pages will continue to release on their current schedule both here and on Patreon.  If this won't affect the comic, why are we telling you?  Well, if you have a question, comment, etc, we will probably be a little slower answering.  So please be patient with us!  We love hearing from you and appreciate all your feedback on improving the comic and site.