Page 108: What Happened?
December 5th, 2017


Sienna:  What are you doing here anyway?

Kayne:  I went to the clinic.  You weren't there.

Sienna:  Everything happened so fast.  One second I was at the clinic and the next I was here delivering a baby.

Kayne:  You should send a message to the keep if you need to leave.  I thought you'd been kidnapped too.

Sienna:  Oh, you worry too much. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.  Besides, Dyanna could have told you where I went.  She was there looking for Onyx when Gunn came and...Wait...what do you mean "kidnapped?"

Sienna:  Kayne?  What's happened?

Kayne:  The SkyDragon is gone.  Kerrigan and Onyx are missing.

Sienna:  You wouldn't be here if they just took her out for a joyride...

Kayne:  I think she was taken.  Kerrigan and Onyx as well.