Page 14: Aye Aye Captain
June 13th, 2017


Ryder:  So, how about I get some of the guys together and take this ship out.  We really could use the energy, and ...

Theren:  No, Ryder.  I wasn't kidding about that.  No one survives the Darkness without protection.

Ryder:  I don't think it's that dangerous.  Besides, I got rid of that Shadow after it went active, didn't I?  I can protect the ship...

Theren:  No. It's too dangerous.  We just need to get rid of her. We'll set her down on a skyland and be long gone by the time her owner arrives.

Ryder:  But Theren...

Theren:  No, Ryder!  You're not taking her out.  That's final. Back to work on the repairs.

Ryder:  Aye, Aye Captain.