Page 37: You're Doing It Wrong
August 30th, 2016


Dyanna:  I'll be right back! Promise you won't sell it to anyone else.

Bookseller:  Well....

Dyanna:  Pleeeease?

Bookseller:  I suppose...I can hold it for a little while.

Dyanna:  Thank-you! I'll be right back!

Nivenni:  You're doing it wrong.

Dyanna:  You sound like 'nyx. I know how to barter, I'm just not good at it.

Nivenni:  That's not what I mean... I saw you turn on the charm.

Dyanna:  But I didn't do anything!

Nivenni:  Tell me about it. You should have at least asked for a discount.

Dyanna:  I'd never!

Sir Perrin:  Is this the last Shades of Twilight book?