Page 136: Ain't Talking
June 19th, 2018


Onyx: Ug. even this lock's a piece of junk...We're going to go get the SkyDragon and get her back home before Kayne realizes she's gone.

Kerrigan: No way Kayne hasn't realizes she's missing by now.

Onyx: Fine. We take her back and tell Kayne we took her for a joy ride. The Saragosans go on their way. Everyone's happy.

Kerrigan: Not me. Seeing Father flash fry their asses would make me happy.

Ignor: I don't want to get flash fried. What if they left already.

Maiya: What if who left?

Amos: Shut up, stupid. We're not supposed to tell.

Maiya: What aren't you supposed to tell?

Amos: I ain't talking and you can't make me.

Maiya: Fine. Spuds?

Spuds: I...uh...


Website Upgrade

We upgraded the website today.  The most notable difference is the new archive page layout, and slightly different URLs for the pages.   The Disqus comments will reappear over the next week or so as I migrate them to the new pages manually.  Please let us know if you see anything broken!

Gemma at MCM Comic Con

Gemma will be exhibiting at MCM Comicon in London this year.  The con is May 25-27, and Gemma will be at table F-4 in the N section.  See her Twitter for more info.

Bonus Page

Special one time bonus page today, since we're just about to release our 100th page!

Site Issues

Last Friday, we attempted to fix a bug with the image galleries so that the images would display in upload order.  Unfortunately, this had some unexpected repercussions that broke the website pretty badly.  This resulted in the wrong page being released today, and also messed up the archives.  The issue has now been fixed and the correct page for today is now up.  Sorry for the confusion!

Twice a week updates in August

Darkwynd Chronicles will be updating twice a week in August! That's TWO pages a week! New pages on Tuesdays and Fridays.