Page 95: Coward
September 12th, 2017


*Dyanna: *What am I going to do? They could be in trouble...Argh! Who am I kidding. They're totally in trouble. I just know it! Dash is right. I have to tell someone. I wish Uncle Adarien was here. Or Kayden...or anyone but Kayne. Kayne won't listen to me. He hates me! 'nyx always says that's not true...She doesn't know. She wasn't here. But I can't just sit here and do nothing. If they're in trouble, I have to help them! Maybe they're fine. Maybe 'nyx is still mad at me. Maybe she just ditched me like I did to her at the fair... No. Something's wrong. I'm sure of it. Argh! I'm just standing here while my friends need me! I'm such a coward. Onyx would talk to Kayne if I were in trouble.