Page 32: Don't Know. Don't Care.
July 26th, 2016


Dyanna: Nivenni! Give that back!

Nivenni: They have the last Shades of Twilight book?! I love this series! The author is from Dansk so it's practically impossible to find!

Dyanna: Shhh. Not so loud! Someone will hear you!

Nivenni: Shadow Lord...... kidnaps Anastella....Will Ward choose to save his kingdom or his true love? Ward is so dreamy. I loved the part in book 1 where he took Anastella on a picnic and recited poetry in the moonlight. It was so romantic! Of course when I told Kirnen I thought it was romantic, he just laughed and called Ward a pansy. Sometimes I don't know why I date him.

Dyanna: Onyx and Kerrigan always make fun of my novels too.

Nivenni: It's not surprising those two would take after their brother. Hey, where is Little Sister today?

Dyanna: I don't know. I don't care.