Page 130: Energy Bank
May 8th, 2018


Maiya: They've never seen a Nideran before. In fact, most of the people here haven't met anyone who isn't Saragosan. This way. Follow me. We'll attract less notice if we go below. What are you looking at? Don't you have energy banks like this on your ships?

Onyx: Gods no! Kayne would never let our ships get this bad! You have serious corrosion on these tubes. This one has a leak. And the energies are all haphazard. Mixed frequencies all in the same array. That's really unstable! It's a wonder it hasn't blown yet.

Maiya: Oh, no! I knew something was wrong. Theren kept brushing me off when I asked about it. But he keeps saying it'll be all right, and we'll get to Newgosa, so they must have a plan.

Onyx: Yeah? Well, it'd better be a damn good one.