Page 52: I am not a Maid
December 13th, 2016


Ignor: Idiot. O'course 'e ain't in charge. 'es the maid.

Spuds: On a ship they're called cabin boys.

Ignor: I know a maid when I see one. e's got a mop and a bucket. He's a maid I tells ya.

Kerrigan: I am not a maid!

Spuds: He's awful touchy for a maid. They're s'posed to be more pleasant.

Kerrigan: I said I'm not a maid. I'm Kerrigan son of Adarien, Archon of Darkwynd. My brother's the captain of this ship. I'm important dammit!

Amos: Oh. Well in that case, we'd like to buy some energy.