Page 55: Ignor, You're a Genius!
January 3rd, 2017


Spuds: I knew we shouldn't have stopped for drinks with those pretty girls. Now don't have enough money for the energy.

Ignor: But you said it would be ok if it was just one drink.

Amos: How was I to know that it would use up all of our money? We had enough for a buncha replacement energy tubes. I thought we'd just get one less tube.

Spuds: The captain will be furious. He finally gave us an important job...

Ignor: It's too bad our ships can't get energy. If we had a ship like this, we wouldn't need to keep buying it from the Niderans with their confusing currency.

Amos: That's it! Ignor you're a genius!

Ignor: I am?

Spuds: He is?

Amos: We don't need energy tubes. What we need is a ship like this one.