Page 135: Leave You In
June 12th, 2018


Onyx: Oh, stop blubbering, Keri. I'm fine.

Kerrigan: I'm not blubbering!

Onyx: Was too!

Kerrigan: Was not!

Onyx: I think I know blubbering when I see it. "Oh, Onyx. I'm so glad you're not dead. I don't know what I'd do without my favorite sister."

Kerrigan: I take it back. Get me out of here so I can give you another bump on the head.

Onyx: Hey now. Be nice, or I'll leave you in there.

Kerrigan: Whatever. I'm sure help is coming. Kayne or Father will be here any time now and then these bastards will pay. They'll blow your asses out of the sky.

Maiya: Oh no.

Kerrigan: Yeah. You'll be sorry you messed with us.

Onyx: Oh, stop it, Keri. No one's getting blown out of the sky.