Page 31: Later When I'm All Alone
July 19th, 2016


Dyanna: Nivenni?! Why did you do that?

Nivenni: You were gathering quite the crowd there. You should be more careful where you wiggle that thing. You'll start a riot.

Dyanna: But I didn't do anything! I was just looking at books.

Nivenni: Right Dear, but you were doing it like this. Oh this is such an exciting book! I can't wait to read it later when I'm all alone.

Dyanna: I didn't say any of that! You just made that up!

Nivenni: That may not be what you did, but that's what they saw. Trust me I know. You must have found something special...

Dyanna: Eeep! No! I mean, it's just a book. A completely normal ordinary book. Not special at all.

Nivenni: Then you won't mind if I have a look.