Page 126: People Like Us
April 10th, 2018


Onyx: Wow. This is amazing!

Maiya: There used to be more. We left Saragosa with 21 refugee ships and two guard ships. We lost several ships during the Passage and a few later when their arrays failed. Theren says everything's fine now that they've made the repairs and that all we need is just replacement energy. But they don't seem to be having much luck getting any.

Onyx: That's not surprising. There's not a lot out here. There are some small energy mining operations scattered about the Outlands but otherwise, it's all drifter colonies. Thugs and outcasts mostly. People who can't live inland. People who aren't welcome anywhere else.

Maiya: People like us.

Onyx: Huh?

Maiya: Saragosans aren't welcome in your cities. Not just in Nidera, but in the other Kingdoms too. They say we're cursed. That our being here will bring down the wrath of the gods. They tell us to go back home. That we have no place here.