Page 132: Sorry Miss
May 22nd, 2018


Maiya: Hi Sorrel. Guard duty today?

Sorrel: Yep. Theren told me to keep an eye on the prisoners. Pointless if you ask me. They ain't going anywhere. Isn't that the other one from the ship? I thought she was hurt.

Maiya: She was, but Nana fixed her up. Now that she's better, Theren wants her in a cell too.

Sorrel: She looks harmless enough to me. Can't you just keep an eye on her?

Maiya: Sorry. Theren's orders.

Sorrel: Don't really like the idea of locking up a little girl. Got a daughter about your age. I'd be mighty unhappy if someone put her in chains.

Maiya: Are you going to open the door or do I have to go find my brother.

Sorrel: Fine. There ya go. Put her with the boy. It's the only cell that locks. Sorry miss.