Page 136: Ain't Talking
June 19th, 2018


Onyx: Ug. even this lock's a piece of junk...We're going to go get the SkyDragon and get her back home before Kayne realizes she's gone.

Kerrigan: No way Kayne hasn't realizes she's missing by now.

Onyx: Fine. We take her back and tell Kayne we took her for a joy ride. The Saragosans go on their way. Everyone's happy.

Kerrigan: Not me. Seeing Father flash fry their asses would make me happy.

Ignor: I don't want to get flash fried. What if they left already.

Maiya: What if who left?

Amos: Shut up, stupid. We're not supposed to tell.

Maiya: What aren't you supposed to tell?

Amos: I ain't talking and you can't make me.

Maiya: Fine. Spuds?

Spuds: I...uh...