Page 75: There's More?
May 23rd, 2017


*Theren: *Start collecting personal possessions from the passengers if we have to. Move everything for trade to the cargo hold on the Victory. We have the strongest array so the goods will be safe, even if we lose more convoy ships.

Arik: *You mean \when* we lose more convoy ships. I completed the array analysis you requested. The CloudSparkle's array is near critical failure. Without repairs, I estimate that we'll have to cut her loose within the next week. That brings me to the other problem...

*Theren: *ugh..There's more?

*Arik: *We're running out of places to stick the displaced passengers. Every time we cut a ship loose, I have to cram the passengers from that ship into the other ships. We're already over safe capacity. It can't keep on. The remaining ships won't bear the extra load.

*Ryder: *Then we better not lose any more ships.

*Arik: *Thank-you Ryder. I don't know what we'd do without your keen insight.

*Theren: *What the hell am I supposed to do with them?