Page 69: They Can't Be That Bad
April 11th, 2017


Theren: If we wait, Amos, Ignor, and Spuds will be back and no doubt they'll want to help; which is how the aft door section got into its current state in the first place.

Maiya: I'm sure they didn't mean any harm...

Theren: Of course not. They never do. But any more of their "help" and we'll wind up at the bottom of the Mists.

Maiya: Oh come on, they can't be that bad.

Theren: Do you have to clean up their messes? Console the family and victims of their mishaps? No? Then I'll remain the sole judge of who's "that bad". Anyhow, I sent them on a "special mission" so this time there won't be any screw ups.

Arik: Captain!