Page 127: You Believe That?
April 17th, 2018


Maiya: But I can't accept that. Do they expect us to just lie down and die? The Passage is closing! Saragosa is being engulfed in Darkness. There's nothing left for us there.

Onyx: So you're planning to settle in the Outlands like us.

Maiya: No. We're going to Newgosa. It's a Saragosan refugee colony. They say that it's a beautiful place where the sun always shines. There are grassy fields and orchards as far as you can see. The people work in harmony so there is no hunger or poverty or sickness.

Onyx: And you believe that?

Maiya: It's what keeps us going when things get hard. The belief that someday we'll get to Newgosa, and be safe.

Onyx: ...This is a real place? It sounds like something out of a fairy tale.

Maiya: It's real. There's a map. I've seen it. Newgosa is to the north, just past the Nideran border.

Onyx: That can't be right. The only thing in that region is Fornax 7. Besides, the outlands have snow and storms half the time. If it's always sunny, it would have to be located further inland.

Maiya: You- Look out!