Page 7: You Guys Suck
February 11th, 2016


Onyx: Not a chance. He doesn't know how to save. Last year, he spent all his money on candy and that build your own skyfighter kit that he never built. And the year before that, it was that stupid skyboard.

Kerrigan: Hey! I would have built that skyfighter. But it came "magicite not included." And that skyboard wasn't stupid. It was awesome!

Onyx: Awesome, huh? I guess you must have lost it then. Or was there another reason you don't ride it any more? I can't quite remember.

Dyanna: I remember. He tried to modify it, and you had to save him from that ravine when he crashed.

Onyx: Oh, yeah! Now I remember.

Kerrigan: Shut up! You guys suck!