Page 8: Zero
February 11th, 2016


Dyanna: If you really need an Ashtar weapon, I'm sure Uncle Adarien will get you one.

Onyx: I doubt it. Kayne wouldn't let him waste the money. Kayne, Kayden, and Kirnen all passed their qualifiers without one. You don't need to be able to use an Ashtar weapon to qualify. You don't even need to be a Regios, which is lucky for you since you don't have your arcolith crytal yet. Besides, your resonance is so weak, an Ashtar weapon would just be a regular sword in your hands anyway.

Kerrigan: Psh. Like you should talk. I haven't seen you guys blast anything lately.

Dyanna: We're female. "Female offspring of Ashtar rarely exhibit aptitude towards concussive resonance." - Rantham's Almanack of Observed Ashtar Abilities, 4th edition.

Kerrigan: Well at least I can turn on a light ball, unlike some other people I won't mention. *cough* Onyx *cough*

Onyx: I bet you won't get any powers at all. Maybe you should just give up now, and get a job like a regular person. If you're lucky, maybe Kayne will let you stick around and clean the SkyDragon.

Kerrigan: Zero!

Onyx: Peasant!